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Became the owners of Sellafield Limited in November 2008. Given a five-year contract by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (with a further 12 year option) our mission is to accelerate the high hazard risk reduction effectively and efficiently and for the best value to the UK taxpayers.

Driving forward the reduction of the high hazard facilities on the Sellafield site in a safe manner is the immediate priority, but NMP is also preparing the site for any future missions determined by the UK government.

NMP is also committed to playing a key role within the communities in which we operate. We have created a partnership with those communities based on a sustainable future, guided by their needs. Working together we can create a long-term and prosperous future for West Cumbria

We said that during the first year of the contract that we would establish a strong base for Sellafield Ltd. By taking time to evaluate what the various plants and processes across Sellafield Ltd. have delivered we are building a new lifetime plan for the organisation.



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